Palm straw beach basket with hand-painted custom initials, real leather handles and 10 fluffy hand-made pom-poms.

Roam baskets are hand-woven in Morocco using authentic techniques and 100% natural materials. Palm straw baskets are both sturdy and flexible. Roam palm straw baskets are ideal for shopping, storage, the beach and as unique gifts. Care is taken to create attractive, good quality customisation, which does not detract from the natural beauty of the baskets.

All products are dispatched within 7 business days of your order.

Approximate size 52cm x 36cm. Basket size and shape varies slightly as they are all hand-woven. Please note all Moroccan baskets have a distinctive 'ridge' on the rear side, this is due to the spiral weaving method and is not a fault (pictured).


The baskets are designed and decorated by hand in Devon, UK. Please note that we use the highest quality permanent inks and paints, but due to the flexible nature of the bags, colours may chip and wear with use. Treat your basket carefully.

Personalised Pom Pom Monogram Straw Beach Basket